Termite Treatments

Let us take the stress out of your termite problem!

Termites are sometimes referred to as ‘white ants’ because of their creamy colouring and ant-like appearance. Termites avoid light and rarely come out into the open.

Termites cause untold damage to property structures, particularly in Australia. Australian suburbs are blessed with beautiful trees and bush, but combined with often-wet weather; can provide the perfect breeding ground for termites. For homeowners, this can lead to huge expense bills when their property structures become weakened by termite infestations.

Do not disturb termites!

Homeowners should have regular inspections of all accessible timber and potential termite entry points. Do not disturb the termites by using household sprays or removing infested wood.

At Pestcall Australia we provide thorough termite pest detection and removal. Once termite presence is confirmed, we safely and effectively remove the termites without any damage to the existing property structure or harming the environment. For your peace of mind, use Pestcall Australia, experts in the termite pest control industry.

All work is guaranteed!

Our friendly termites technicians are fully qualified and insured. We use only the best tools and equipment the industry offers – as a result we guarantee our termite treatments for up to 7 years. If your termites come back in this time – then so do we!

We provide the following services:

Monitoring Systems
Pre-Construction Termite Treatments
Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections
Pre-Purchase Building Inspections
Thermal Imaging Inspection

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